12 Great Tips for Strong Teeth and Healthy Gums

12 Great Tips for Strong Teeth and Healthy Gums

Suffering from dental health problems with your work and family commitments may be a big challenge for some people. It is important to visit a professional emergency dentist in London and go for routine checkups for improving your dental health condition. Brushing twice a day and flossing daily with dentist visit two times in a year are the best ways to keep your mouth and teeth healthy.

There are other tips you can follow for improved oral hygiene habits with Invisalign for healthy teeth and strong gums. Since Invisalign requires maximum sterility for your dental health, patients who do not wear anything in the mouth may benefit from following this valuable advice.

  1. Healthy teeth – The teeth have many layers and when they are breached, the oral health is at greater risk. Your teeth’s first line of defence is the enamel and so, you should take care of the enamel for maintaining good oral health.
  2. Your enamel – The enamel is the top layer of your teeth which protects two layers beneath. It is hard, translucent and mineralized which is off-white or pearl in colour. The dentin is off-yellow, porous and rigid and beneath it lies tooth pulp chamber, veins and nerves. This can improve your dental health, preserve the enamel and keep gums tight where they meet tooth enamel.
  3. Do not use abrasive whitening gums – The whitening gums may tempt you due to whitening effect and convenience. But chewing gums consist of abrasive substances which can scrape stains away at the time of chewing. The problem is they take away the tooth enamel and weaken teeth defenses. Make sure you consider all possible options at the time of teeth whitening and preserve the enamel.
  4. Toothpaste should contain Fluoride – The Fluoride toothpaste can help with cleaning process and it can remineralize the enamel. So, teeth strengthening provides better protection. The choice of toothpaste has an important role in your dental health and so, you should consult with the emergency dentist in London when you need a recommendation.
  5. Do not delay dental emergency – The inside part of your teeth, mainly pulp chambers, remain alive. When they are broken or cracked to the core, there is a time limitation for getting it repaired. If there happens to be lots of damage, then root canal may be needed. But there can be greater risks of complications which requires visiting an endodontist. Having a cracked or broken tooth is said to be a dental emergency and you should get it treated immediately.
  6. Brush your tongue – Brushing tongue properly ensures the bacteria is under control before you go to sleep. But the bacteria may thrive on the tongue while you sleep and establish themselves on the tooth surface with the tongue. Tooth decay might occur due to bacterial activities on the teeth when they feed on whatever they find. When you brush tongue, you remove both food and bacteria which lowers the risk of further decay.
  7. Healthy teeth and gums – The health of your gums is equally important like your dental health. So, make sure you keep your teeth and gums strong and maintain them with improved oral hygiene habits.
    Swish mouth with water after eating – Swishing water in the mouth provides higher chances of dislodging food particles where the gums meet your teeth. This way, you keep bacteria off the base surface of your teeth and prevent the problem of tooth decay.
  8. Drink water before going to bed – You should drink lots of water before going to bed and lessen the problem of dry mouth and bad breath. These can lead to better environment for bacteria.
  9. Do not eat after brushing teeth at night – Eating after brushing eat and before going to bed can cause opposite effect for your dental health. The present bacteria has lots of food supply that they may dramatically reproduce, Tooth decay may occur when you make it a habit.
  10. Chew sugar free gums only – The sugar in gums you chew may reside in the mouth for a long time after you finish chewing them. This becomes an ample source of food where it settles down. The risk of tooth decay is higher in comparison to sugar-free gums with artificial sweeteners.
  11. Eat crunchy vegetables – Eating raw vegetables is great for your teeth and gums as it denies food source to bacteria. The bacteria thrive the most on fats, sugars, carbohydrates and oils. But crunchy vegetables should not be your target as they struggle to break down easily.
  12. Good dental hygiene means proper dental examinations – When you find your oral health backslides little in the few months, you need to follow few tips to practice good dental hygiene habits.

Thus, without using Invisalign, there isn’t much requirement for sterility. Follow the advice to avoid chewing hard foods, candies, eating vegetables and drinking water. This will probably count for your next oral examination. Feel free to schedule an appointment by using Google for finding “emergency dentist near me” when you go for routine mouth cleanings and stay healthy.

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