Advantages of a Diamond shape pressed SS tank

What is the use of diamond shape pressed SS tank?

Although it may not be evident, triangles matter where strength and rigidity are vital parameters. The strength and rigidity of any structure depend on its triangular shape. If we consider a flat plate panel instead of a diamond shape, the structure has more chances of deformation due to the internal pressure and structural load. It gives more strength to the whole structure. 

However, the diamond shape itself works as reinforcement for the whole structure. With the help of an ABAQUS tool, you can easily understand that the pressure on the side wall is always on the higher side. Therefore, diamond shape water tanks’ advantages are self-explanatory because they convert the surface load into a point load. 

SS tank manufacturers  do not require using the conventional thick sheet of stainless steel because that increases the overall weight of the whole structure, making it unsuitable in the long run. Besides, they are lightweight and come with a premium finish. Let’s take an example of a 10 KL tank. The flat panel tank will require a minimum of 5 mm thick sheet to sustain the structural load. It will increase in price as well as in weight.

On the other hand, the Diamond shape pressed SS tank will only require a 1.5 to 2 mm thick sheet that is cheaper and lightweight compared to other tanks. SS water tank has multiple uses in Industries, making them quintessential for large industries. Stainless steel tanks have high resistance against rough materials that plastic tanks can never offer. It would be best to have them for mixing applications requiring pressure or vacuum ratings. Such stainless steel water storage containers are also required for storage purposes and processing in the pharmaceutical industry.

 Stainless steel tank manufacturers in India are happy because their business is thriving. Their product is very high in demand in industries such as beverage, dairy, food, medicine, cosmetics, and specific manufacturing processes where hygiene plays an important role. SS water tank is also used in industrial plants to store gases and chemicals. In industries involving solid chemicals, you need a material that provides strong resistance against chemical degradation since Stainless steel is an alloy of iron and chromium that makes it corrosion-resistant.

 Many factors are considered when choosing a water tank for your business. There are many industries where the SS water tank is the number one choice. In the case of industries, you need sturdy and strong tanks, and PVC or concrete tanks don’t serve the purpose. PVC tanks are indeed ubiquitous, but they are better suited to domestic and light uses.

 Moreover, smaller units have different requirements than that of big industries. For instance, the cost of the water storage tank is a crucial issue for those who run a small unit, but the priority of large units is more on long-term needs. Other factors include the tank size and the purpose behind purchasing such tanks. The location of your water tank is equally important. Ideally, people prefer it on the backside of the building to maintain the aesthetics of the building.

 There are many reasons why Stainless steel tank manufacturers in India sell more Stainless steel water storage containers than any other type of tank. Let’s discuss those reasons.

 1. Sturdy and Strong

 Stainless steel is sturdy and robust and lasts much longer than other tanks. A concrete or PVC tank cannot give you such durability and longevity. Quality is always essential for industries and commercial setups because they operate around the clock. If the quality of the material could be better, it will affect their entire operation. Therefore, they always choose the best available material in the market.

 2. Easy to maintain 

 One of the significant issues water tanks face is routine cleaning and maintenance. Here, a SS water tank has a clear advantage since it’s very convenient to clean and maintain them. They are not like plastic tanks and are, therefore, leak proof and have virtually zero chance of getting contaminated. It is why Steel tanks have the upper hand over any other varieties.

 3. Anti Corrosive 

 Steel water tanks remain anti-corrosive and have natural protection against oxidation caused by water and other similar liquids. There is no need to give an extra coating to such tanks to protect them against corrosion. These tanks are also immune to toxic radiation.

 4. Pro Environment 

There’s no risk involved with stainless steel tanks d like freezing or rusting. SS water tank is made of environmentally friendly material and contains no harmful chemicals.

 5. Easy to Handle

 SS water tank is straightforward to handle, and you can shift it from one location to another. Nowadays, companies often change their locations from one place to another and must transport many items. There is no such constraint with steel tanks. You can conveniently transport them from one place to another, saving much money.


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