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With the availability and accessibility of affordable internet services the entire planet is online!  This is why there has been a boom of internet  based services and ecommerce applications which defy physical boundaries. About a decade ago no one would have predicted that the website will be such a game changer, now with the changing dynamics of marketing and cut throat competition it’s important to engage the users , increase the virtual footfall on the website for acquiring potential consumers. Shedding light on what is an aggregator tool and how it functions.

What is an aggregator tool?

In order to make your website more visually appealing one of the most important steps is to embed feeds from various social media platforms on your webpage to garner more traffic. This is now made easy and less complex with the help of social media aggregator tools, and of the most interesting aspects of a social media aggregator tool is the feature to  embed widgets from various platforms which automatically, like magnets, attract updates and trends from different feeds.  A social media aggregator basically allows its users to collect ,gather ,curate and embed data or content from various social media platforms on their respective websites. The importance of these tools are highlighted below.

Why is it important ?

It is vital to use a social media aggregator tool as it makes the process to garner user generated content with ease. User generated content is valuable feedback or review in the form of posts , pictures, videos and comments to give a more detailed first hand and personal touch to the marketing campaigns of the brand.

According to a survey by E-MARKETER  about 42-45% marketers admit that they don’t have time to hunt down content  thus here is where a social media aggregator tool comes into the picture which helps  the user to collect , curate and embed desired data from various sources. 

It is widely accepted that the  new  social media marketing strategy  is to embed social media feeds widgets from different platforms and this is made accessible and convenient with the introduction of aggregator tools, just a few easy steps of induction and no technical expertise is required  to make an engaging webpage. Let’s go through some popular and feasible tools.

Some prominent aggregator tools

While its the time for being top notch in grasping the attention of the audiences, creating brand awareness and utmost customization,  here are some prominent social media aggregators you can consider while looking for suitable options;


If you’re looking for smart and affordable solutions for embedding social media feeds on your website let Tagembed take the lead. It provides the users to curate and embed colorful and vibrant social media feeds from leading platforms like TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. 

With affordable pricing and about 18 integrations makes it a very viable option. Also helps to publish interactive content , allows customization and also the feature of custom CSS.


One of the leading aggregator tools is EmbedSocial where the user gets effective and  desired solutions for embedding. With a wide range of templates to choose from along with social media analytics and moderation makes it one of the most popular tools.

 The pricing caters to big and established brands but offers a range of features to justify its cost from integration to social commerce functionality which is a feature that converts the browning visitors into potential consumers.


Regards itself as  the user generated content expert ! as UGC is at its all time high with limited players thus somehow TINT gets the first movers advantage. Offers  the users to embed feeds and make a unified display for their website. Also if there’s a requirement for obtaining legal rights and authorization TINT can help to obtain those in just a click .

Just a few easy steps one can create an impressive and visually appealing web page to revive the brand presence into this thriving internet world.


Best for campaign management and quite a popular tool which has a browser based dashboard with moderation, analysis and editable post options. The main impressive feature of this tool is that it’s clear in its agenda as to what it has to offer to its users  to collect- curate-publish. With a good amount of user base it gives options to its users to create multiple streams and monitor your published content and also to interact with your audiences which makes it a widely accepted option among the masses.

To Sum Up

Thus we can conclude that the social media aggregator tools not only make the users experience hassle free but also curate an easy to access place for its users as well as helps in marketing. Helps in moderation, analysis and auditing the brands past performance to upscale its future prospects in terms of more engagement from the masses, drive more traffic on websites and followers on other social media platforms. Thus the above mentioned few are some leading social media aggregator tools.

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