Google launches new content suitability center in Google ads

google launches new content suitability center in google ads

If you’ve ever wondered what triggers a person to click on an ad, or why they’re interested in your product or service, Google’s new content suitability center can help. The company introduced this feature at the Google Marketing Next conference in Toronto on Monday. Users can now provide feedback about ads through a series of questions and answers that surface when their ads are first viewed. This helps ensure that users see ads for products and services they find relevant, which is good news for advertisers who want to reach as many people as possible with their messages.

Google launches new content suitability center in Google Ads

The new content suitability center is a new tool that will help Google’s advertisers better understand the quality of their site content. The tool will help you determine whether or not your website is suitable for certain types of ads, such as those sold through Adwords or display networks.

The new Content Suitability Center will show you how well-situated your site is in relation to other sites that are already approved by Google Ads. It also gives advice on how you can improve your performance by making changes such as adding more relevant keywords and removing unnecessary elements from text (like images). If a site isn’t approved after submitting it, there’s always the option of adjusting these areas before resubmitting again later on down the road!

If a website doesn’t seem to have a clear purpose, we may not be able to serve ads on that page.

If your website doesn’t have a clear purpose, we may not be able to serve ads on that page. This includes pages with no obvious call-to-action or user actionable item (e.g., “buy now”).

If you don’t understand what your site is trying to achieve, you may not see ads on that page. For example, if someone visits a blog post about how they can make money as an affiliate marketer but then goes home and writes down their own affiliate program instead of buying anything from the company mentioned in the article, Google won’t show any ads related to that topic until it has established trust with visitors who know what they’re doing and have demonstrated their ability by actually completing orders through their own networks or sites (such as Amazon).

Google says in the blog post.

The new Google Ads program will be more strict in the future. In order for the ads to appear, sites need to meet criteria that include:

  • A clear purpose that is communicated on their home page or other landing pages (for example, “I’m looking for a new job” or “Here are my favorite stores in town).
  • That they don’t contain misleading or deceptive content. This includes things like false claims about products being free or low cost when they aren’t really so; also clickbait headlines that promise something but don’t deliver on anything else—like an article claiming how “you can get rich” without providing any details about how you’d go about doing it; and even if there’s no pay-per-click element involved at all (but still uses keywords related directly back toward earning revenue).

Try to make sure your site has a clear purpose; otherwise your ads may not show.

If your site doesn’t have a clear purpose, it will be harder to advertise on it. If you are unsure about the main purpose of your site, ask yourself what is its core value? What is it trying to achieve? Once you have answered these questions and clarified any doubts in your mind, try writing a mission statement for your website.

If there are multiple purposes for your website then try focusing on one main goal or objective and working towards that goal without worrying about other unintended consequences arising out of other objectives being pursued simultaneously.


We hope this post has helped you understand how Google Ads works and why it may show less ads for certain sites. If you’re new to the world of digital marketing, we’ve got some great resources for you here at GamerDNA that will help get started today!

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