Har ki dun Trek: The Weekend Thrill

Har ki dun Trek

Har ki Dun or Har ki Doon as the name suggests famously known as the valley of Gods is cuddled up in the lap of Fateh Parbat. This slope shaped valley gives the picturesque view of the snow laden mountains of the Himalayas with the lush green forests spread around it. Located in the Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand, this valley is situated around the tributaries of Yamuna River called as Rupin and Soupin.

About Har ki Dun

While you start with the climb on rocky terrain, you will find that there is no pathway. You have to find your own ways for moving further while you enter the dense forest. And you might be crossing paths with few wild animals too so be careful with that and feel lucky if you don’t. 

You will also be crossing the ancient villages where you can experience the rich Indian culture. As you find a way further you can have the view of Ruinsara peak, and from this valley several other peaks can also be seen named as Bandarpoonch, Blackpeak and Swargarohini.

This is one of the most famous winter treks and gives an intimate view of the surrounded mountains, mesmerizing views and wildlife. This will be your one of the best Himalayan treks for a great weekend getaway.

Difficulty Level of the Trek

The height of the Har ki Dun trek is around 3500 m above sea level. 

The temperature ranges from as lows as -5 degree Celsius to -12 degree Celsius. 

This place is famous for its sight of wild animals. When on the trek there can be often spotting of wild animals on the pathway and it might also turn dangerous so, please be cautious with your every move here. You have to be handy with the various helpline numbers like army, police and others. 

As the trek is situated at a high altitude, it is most likely to create dizziness, insomnia, altitude sickness and lung problems. Snow storms are likely to create havoc in winters when you are trek at higher altitudes.

Travel Plan to Har ki Dun

Please find the itinerary details of the trek as below:

1.Delhi to Dehradun/Mussoorie:

Book a train from Delhi for Dehradun as per your convenience. Take a cab or bus from Dehradun and reach Mussoorie. Enjoy the views while on the way to Mussoorie.

2.Mussoorie to Sankri:

Sankri is the last motorable village and is situated at a distance of 166 kms from Mussoorie. You will take around 6 hours to reach Sankri leading through the bumpy roads and sharp turns. 

3.Sankri to Taluka:

From here you start the Har ki Dun trekking. You will easily find the ways out as there are proper markings on the way. Taluka is a small section snuggled up in the nature. A night camp can be set up here on the banks of the Rupin River.

4.Taluka to Osla:

From here, it’s a descending oath to Osla and you will be travelling alongside the river Rupin leading to the forest of pine, willow and chestnut trees. The distance is expected to be covered in around 7 hours walking through the streams of water. 

Once you reach here, either take rest or if you are not tired a small tour of the local shops can also be considered. Spend the night at a guest house or any of the campsites available.

5.Osla to Har ki Dun:

The stretch from Osla to your final destination Har ki Dun is of around 7 hours. you will a mix of green and brown hues along the entire way. Stay at a camp here for night and keep the next day for exploration.

Explore the next day at Har ki Dun watching over the Swargarohini peak and the lakes around. Relax for a day and soak in the beauty of nature and enjoy the bonfire at night.

6.Har ki Dun to Osla to Taluka:

You must have known the way back now. Head back to Osla and enjoy each view. 

7.Taluka to Sankri to Dehradun:

Rest in Taluka and trek down to Sankri. Reach Dehradun and head back to your respective destination. 

Cherish the memories of the trip and get back to your work.

Places to visit around Har ki Dun

While on this trek you can explore many places.

Govind National park- This park showcases diverse flora and fauna. Different species of mammals and birds can be spotted here.

Someshwar Mahadev Temple- This temple is located in Sankri and also hosts several fairs and festivals. The temple dates back to Pandavas’s era and the great peaks of Swargarohini can be seen from here.

Taluka- It is a small village located near Sankri. The residents of this village are heart-warming and even offers meals and night stays to the visitors at nominal rates.

This is the one of the best trekking destination for weekend. So, why are you waiting?

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