Make Your Bridal Look Stunner With These Polki Jewellery Designs

Make Your Bridal Look Stunner With These Polki Jewellery Designs

A Polki jewellery set combines pearl and “Kundan” pendants in a delicate way. Beautiful Polki jewellery sets are created using both of these jewellery techniques.

Listed below are some by a store that sells polki jewellery in Delhi. That might be a part of your bridal jewellery set and is appropriate for the wedding ceremony.

Bangle Set

A bangle set is truly necessary for a necklace or a simple pair of earrings. Sincerity demands that a bangle like this be at the top of the list. Nothing more than pearl jewellery may be found on a Polki jewellery bangle. A set of this excellent deserves to be emphasized and kept at the top of the list.


Its sets have significant variances just like a necklace or an earring. A Polki Kamarband is no different, since it is topped with the most exquisite decoration, brickwork, and metal framing.

Bridal Ring

Your husband and fianc├ę will have given you a ring, but what about finishing the Polki jewellery set? Which, without a Ring, Mantasha, or even a Kamarband belt, is wholly lacking. One of the greatest and most expensive ornaments available today is this one.

Nose Ring

Nose rings are an essential component of a bridal jewellery set, not merely a must. You must need one to make your bridal jewellery set even more beautiful and attractive. You can just seem like a bride by wearing a necklace, earrings, or even a ring.

Matha Patti

Matha Patti, however, is an improved Maang Tikka. Your headpiece is now complete, and the face is even more lovely and well-placed as a result. It is actually quite lovely as a piece of Polki jewellery, and believe me, this is one of the best purchases.

Matha Jhoomar

Muslims in India typically wear jewellery called jhoomar. This is a typical piece of Arabian jewellery, and in recent years, pieces like this have gained enormous popularity. Almost every bride in North India selects to wear this for the majority of their wedding-related activities.

Red Enamelled Earrings

Indian brides in the western part of the country often accessorize with polki jewellery. Particularly if you are wearing such a piece of jewellery to the wedding ceremony. Meenakari jewellery, also known as enabled jewellery, is deeply ingrained in Indian culture and history.

Ring Shaped Polki Jewellery Earring

What makes a piece of jewellery like this so unique? Almost everything, that is. Starting with the straightforward and genuine stones perched atop the Polki jewellery set and moving on to the most extravagant Ring-shaped item.

Simplistic Necklace

You might refer to this as a genuine Polki necklace, but trust me, it deserves every bit of affection there is. First, it has a straightforward and understated ornamental pattern, and second, it takes a practical approach to wearability.

Necklace with Pearls

This type of necklace is versatile enough to be used as both bridal jewellery and the finest accessory for certain other occasions. You truly don’t need anything else with this accessory, which is why it should be at the top of the list.


We’ve all desired a choker-style necklace on our special day. Trust me, such a piece of jewellery doesn’t require justification or even credibility. A necklace like this was included in your bridal jewellery set.

Green Meenakari Necklace

A piece of jewellery like this deserves to be emphasized in every manner possible. It is promised that these items have been popular in the fashion world for a long time. The way it digs into and embellishes the neck, as well as the appearance it gives the wearer. 

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