The Major Benefits of Prescription Exercise

The Major Benefits of Prescription Exercise

Many times, we have come across doctors advising people to do some exercises daily. If you take a look into the ancient age, you will notice that people then were more involved in physical activity. As a result, they were more fit and healthy. In prehistoric times, people did not suffer from high blood pressure, high cholesterol and the like. This is because back then, people used to engage in various activities that required them to use their bodies.

Gradually, as people became civilized. They started getting busy and had different expectations of life. To meet up with these expectations, they started working hard for it. Eventually, their focus shifted from physical labour to machine work. As a result, the gap between people and physical activities enhanced more. This reduced physical activity and a comfortable life led to various health issues.

Today, many healthcare providers stress regular exercise for the well-being of the people. They provide an exercise prescription with the aim of helping people to lead a better lifestyle. Haven’t heard of an exercise prescription? Fret not as we have come here to help you with its meaning and benefits. So, here is what you need to learn about private doctor prescription exercise.

What is a prescription exercise?

Also known as exercise prescription, it is a way by which the doctor suggests the exercises or the kind of exercises that one should do to stay fit and healthy. To get an exercise prescription, you have to contact a sports medicine physician or a personal trainer. The prescription exercise is filled with a diet plan and an exercise plan that you have to follow.

It is better to get an exercise prescription from a trained person as it can enhance the efficiency of the exercise program. While exercising, many people forget to pay attention to the safety factor. Through an exercise prescription, you can exercise safely. Besides, a professional exercise trainer can get all these exercises grouped into one. This implies that it will become easier for you to exercise henceforth.

Before starting to exercise, you need to go through the exercise plan and see if you are comfortable doing them. In case you do not feel confident about the exercises mentioned in the prescription, speak with the physical trainer and make necessary changes in the doctor prescription exercises.

How prescription exercise can benefit you?

When you begin exercising regularly, it helps you largely in two ways:

  • Reduced morbidity in humans
  • Reduced mortality in humans

If you follow the instructions of a private doctor prescription UK, here are some more benefits that you can enjoy:

  • Regular exercise can reduce depression and anxiety. 
  • Regular exercise can improve well-being.
  • Regular exercise can let your body function well.

Besides, if you begin exercising regularly, you can prevent death from CHD. Doctors believe that exercising works equally well as an antidepressant.

Once you exercise, all the negativity in your body is released and you feel better. The negative energy channelized through exercising yields a better solution. Unfortunately, many people do not acknowledge the benefits of exercise prescription. Consider following a structured physical activity program and see how your life changes for the better.

Factors to consider before preparing an exercise prescription

Creating an exercise prescription is not as easy as to sounds to be. To prepare a flawless exercise prescription here are the factors that one should pay attention to:

  1. Identifying aims

The first step of creating an exercise prescription is to understand the health condition of the patient. Acknowledging the current health status of the patient will help the trainer understand the condition of the patient. He can then include those exercises in the prescription that the person needs at that moment to stay away from serious health hazards. In addition, the trainer has to develop a prescription that is realistic, effective, simple and safe.

  • Assessments

The assessment of physical exercise means considering the present and the past physical activities of the patient. It also includes the forms of physical activities and the goals of the exercise programme. Here, the trainer has to note an important point. He has to check whether the exercise programme can induce any cardiovascular risk. All of these will help the trainer create a better and more customized exercise prescription, something that will benefit the person greatly.

  • High-risk patients

There is a myth that patients with cardiovascular diseases or those who have experienced a cardiac arrest once or are prone to cardiac risk cannot exercise. Well, the truth is all healthy people can exercise, provided they are aware of their health condition. The problem arises when you start doing exercises without knowing whether those exercises are right for you. People suffering from musculoskeletal problems and cardiovascular issues need to follow an altered exercise prescription.

  • Selecting the right exercise

Once the trainer has figured out the condition of the patient, it is time to choose the right set of exercises, precisely the exercises that are suitable for his health condition. Of all exercises, the most effective ones are running, jogging, walking, cycling, swimming, stair climbing, rowing, and rope skipping. The intensity of the exercise will differ from person to person. But at least three days of exercise is a must with 30 to 60 minutes duration.

  • Phases of exercise

The initial phase of the exercise should be between four to six weeks. Gradually, once a patient gets into the flow, the frequency of the session can be increased.


Now that you have learnt about the prescription exercise, it is time to get fit and healthy. If you consider living a better life for the rest of your days, catch hold of a good physical trainer and ask him to prepare a prescription exercise plan for you. Follow the plan strictly and see the difference in your life. admist all the hectic schedules, make some time for exercising regularly. In the long run, it will benefit you immensely. If you cannot do any exercise, do not force yourself. Take your time. 

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