Ziyarat Places to visit in Mecca

The Mecca pilgrimage is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Muslims from all over the world come to this Holy City for Ziyarat. Because of its proximity to the Holy Kaaba and Masjid Al-Haram, it is highly revered and well-known. If you are travelling to Mecca and do not know which historical sites to visit. Then, this post will provide you with a detailed explanation. Here I’ve created a list of Ziyarat places to visit in Mecca that you may find useful.

The Arabic word Ziyarat means “to visit”. It affects sites linked with the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), His family, associates, and other revered individuals in Islam. When in the Prophet’s city, this is a good and honourable thing to conduct. It is the practice of seeking blessings from Allah (SWT) by visiting and conversing through His messenger. This article is a full Ziyarat guide of Mecca, including mosques, mountains, battlegrounds, and caves.

The following is a list of Ziyarat locations in Mecca. You can visit them once you book Umrah packages.

Cave of Hira

It is around two miles from the Holy Kaaba in Jabal al-Noor (Mountain of Light). Here in Ramadan, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received the first revelation of the Holy Quran. The Prophet used to come here and meditate for a long period in order to get the desired peace.

The cave symbolizes the history of Islam and is one of Mecca’s Islamic monuments. You must go here to discover fantastic knowledge and experiences.

Jabal Al-Rehmah

Jabal Al-Rehmah is located in Plain Arafat, and a standing white pillar represents the exact location of Prophet Adam (A.S) and Eve when they descended from Heaven. This is the location where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) delivered His final sermon to His companions.

It is impossible to overlook this location when organizing your Ziyarat journey to this Holy City. On the 9th of Dhul Hijjah, pilgrims go from Mina to Arafat, where they must spend the day worshipping. If a pilgrim fails to make a standing time here, the Hajj is considered invalid. You can also go here as usual rather than on Hajj days.

Cave of Thawr

It’s a mountain with a cave on it. After leaving Mecca, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and His travelling companion Abu Bakr (R.A) stayed three days there. This site holds a unique place in the hearts of Muslims all around the world. This location must be included in the Ziyarat list.

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Masjid Al-Haram

Masjid Al-Haram is one of the most respected Muslim sites on the planet and belongs to the best spots to go for Ziyarat in Mecca. It is home to the Holy Kaaba, Hajar-e-Aswad, Maqam-e-Ibrahim, and Twin Hills (Safa and Marwah).

The mosque is always packed with worshippers day and night. It has a peaceful and calm environment that is kept clean and neat. Non-Muslims can’t enter this holy location; only Muslims are allowed.


The Aisha Mosque is a famous architectural monument in Saudi Arabia. It is also known as Masjid Taneem and is a prominent pilgrimage destination. This is where the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) beloved wife Aisha (R.A) prepared to enter Ihram state.

This is another nearby Ziyarat, around 8 kilometres from the Great Mosque. It has been modified to accommodate more worshippers and the finest standards around the world.

Jannatul Mualla

This place is noteworthy in Islamic history since it is a graveyard. It is the location of the Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) first wife, Khadija (R.A), and His forefathers’ graves.

It is a five minutes drive from Masjid Al-Haram. During pilgrimages, pilgrims come here to pay their respects to the Prophet’s family.

Masjid Jinn

Masjid Jinn, also known as Masjid al-Bayah, is a Mecca mosque where some Jinn converted to Islam. It is close to Jannat al-Mualla. According to Islamic narrations, this is the mosque where the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) once was reciting the Holy Quran. And a group of Jinn was passing from there, suddenly they listen to the recitation and stopped to listen more.

Masjid Al-Hudaibiyah

It is established on the outskirts of Mecca. Mosque Al-Hudaibiyah is placed close to the old Jeddah route in an area known as Al-Shumaisi. The place marks the Hudaibiyah peace agreement between the Quraish and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in 6 A.H. This became known as the Hudaibiyah treaty.


By summing, Mecca is highly valued in Islam for Ziyarat sites. There are several other sites related to the Prophet’s companions, historical monuments, sacred mountains, and so on. Saudi Arabia is a wonderful destination for exploring both historical and modern sites. Mecca is home to the majority of historical and Ziyarat sites. This useful advice can come in handy if you’re planning a journey to Mecca by booking Umrah packages 2023. I hope you liked reading about the amazing Ziyarat sites in Mecca.

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