Which ITI Job Has Highest Salary?



ITI in India provide both vocational and academic education to students. But ITI ka full form kya Hota hai? Many Industrial Training Institutes across the country offer various mechanical, electrical, instrumental, and diploma engineering courses. 

So which ITIs provide the highest salary?

It’s no secret that ITI is not a popular career choice for many professionals. But some find it attractive for various reasons, like building your future and not having to worry about finding a job after graduation. 

The ITIs offer numerous placements and training, so they know what they are doing! And when you consider all of the available options, this is certainly worth considering if you’re looking at getting into an IIT or pursuing a professional career in technology.

The average salary varies from IIT to IIT and is determined by several factors, such as the availability of jobs and the nature of the courses offered. 

And while some institutes provide better salaries than others, all can provide you with a rewarding career. Starting from 2 lakhs per annum and it goes to 18 lakhs.

As far as ITI salary is concerned, the highest earned by a graduate of an industrial training institute in India is Rs 18 lakhs per annum.

ITI Jobs with Highest Salary

1) ITI Manager:

The ITI Manager position is that of the Director of a Training Institute. The IITs or the Central Government of India manage these institutes. The salary of an ITI manager is Rs 18,00,000 per annum. 

The role of the manager of an ITI is to manage the budget and employees of the institute. He has to spend money wisely and keep the institute running smoothly. 

The role of a manager consists of managing the training institute and acting as a link between the training institute and the central government.

2) Electrician:

The average salary of an Electrician is Rs 11,94,000 per annum. An electrician is responsible for installing, repairing, or maintaining the electrical systems used in a building, like lighting and electrical wiring. 

The electrical systems utilised in a structure, such as lighting and electrical wiring, must be installed, repaired, or maintained by an electrician.

He has to ensure no electricity-related incident occurs and handle equipment with due care and maintenance.

3) Mechanic Diesel:

The average salary of a Mechanic Diesel is Rs10,75,000 per annum. A Mechanic Diesel maintains the diesel engines placed in ships, vehicles, or other machinery used for industrial purposes. 

He has to be highly qualified to perform his job efficiently because he has to keep the engine running smoothly throughout its life cycle without any fault.

He must be extremely qualified to do his work well because he is responsible for ensuring that the engine runs faultlessly for the duration of its lifespan.

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4) Assistant Executive Engineer:

The average salary of an assistant executive engineer is Rs. 10,75,000 per annum. He works under the executive engineer’s supervision and oversees the execution of engineering and maintenance work carried out by other engineers. 

He has to supervise or manage the apprentices under him and ensure that no engineering-related incidents occur.

He oversees the execution of the engineering and maintenance work carried out by other engineers while working under the executive engineer’s direction.

5) Test Engineer:

This position is for those interested in electrical or electronic engineering. The average salary of a Test Engineer is Rs 9,93,000 per annum. A test engineer has to test and monitor the functioning of many electrical and electronic instruments.

He has to prepare test reports from these instruments so that other engineers can do the work efficiently. Several electrical and electronic devices must be tested and their performance must be watched after by a test engineer.

6) Technician: 

The average salary of a Technician is Rs 5,00,000 per annum. A technician has to work under the supervision of a qualified engineer and assist him in any technical or mechanical work he may be involved with. 

He has to find ways in which the engineer can improve the working conditions in his work area and make sure that no deficiencies occur while executing his duties.

He must look for ways to enhance the working environment in his workplace and ensure that no errors are made when he performs his job.


The above-mentioned highest ITI salaries are for graduates of Industrial Training Institutes. These graduates can also pursue jobs in mechanical, civil, electrical, etc. However, joining a course and becoming an engineer is always possible.

You need to do your research and decide what career suits you best. Keep in mind that there are a lot of benefits to joining an ITI instead of pursuing a degree in engineering. A salary of Rs 18 lakhs per annum is nothing to scoff at!

Per their placement records, the Electrical and Mechanical departments had the highest placements during the last few years.

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